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We offer a wide range of Artisan bread which is crafted rather than massed produced. It is freshly prepared at Ciao Ciao and baked daily in small batches using only the finest ingredients for you to enjoy.

All of our breads are £2.40 each

Buns   30p each or six for £1.60

Crostini    80p per bag

Croutons 80p per bag

Croissants £1.00




Select from a choice of four types of bread for your sandwich, Mediterranean, white with olive oil & sea salt, wholemeal or spelt multigrain; choose your filling and enjoy your sandwich warm or cold.


Plate of lasagna

Greek Specialities

Reviving old favourites with great authentic style recipes full of flavour.

Using the finest filo pastry, an enviable range of flavours and traditional recipes Ciao Ciao offers a unique selection of Greek pies and pastries.

Greek pies



Pizza & Pasta

Thin based Italian pizza by the slice £1.50



AprilApril 2011-Ciao Ciao-70





All soups come with a chunk of Ciao Ciao’s own bread


AprilApril 2011-Ciao Ciao-4

From our Deli




Discover our delicious range of homemade cakes and biscuits, unique to Ciao Ciao.






We serve authentic Italian coffee with a smooth aromatic flavour

To add a syrup (Amaretto, caramel, Irish cream, vanilla, ginger bread or hazelnut) 30p per shot


All of our teas are £1.50

Cold Drinks




Some of our products contain nuts and maybe prepared in the vicinity of other nut products.


can you buy Lyrica over the counter

Ciao Ciao Mediterranean Bakery ~ Deli - 3, Framwellgate Bridge, Durham, DH1 4SJ, order generic Lyrica